AP US History Summer Work

Dear AP US History Student,

As we prepare for next school year, I want to encourage you to get a head start on your work for next Fall. This work is optional over the summer, but all students will complete it either over the summer or at the start of the school year. On the first Friday of the 2017-2018 school year, we will have an exam on the first unit (two chapters of our textbook and a couple of other readings). This will allow us to start the year running.

If you choose to do the reading over the summer, you should take good notes and study them well. I am making one chapter of the textbook and two additional readings available for the summer. If you choose not to do the reading, you will be able to complete it as homework between the first day of school and Friday, August 25. Everyone will need to read Chapter 2 during the first week of school.

You can access the readings here:

If you have any questions or have trouble accessing the reading, feel free to email me at wheeles_lem@asdk12.org.

Looking forward to working with you next year!

Mr. Wheeles